Queen Bee Placenta Essence  Product Reference Information

Product Reference Information  

 (The information below is for reference only and should not be used as the material or a basis for the treatment of any diseases or physiological problems of the human bodies unless under supervision of medical professionals.)

HYYS Queen Bee Placenta Essence is made from the queen bee larvae collected from the apiaries of the pollution-free virgin forest in Mount Dahong, Shen Nong Jia Forest District, being renowned as “Home of Hundreds of Flowers” and “Natural Grand Herbal Garden”, of Hubei Province, China. What is the queen bee larvae? What are their health benefits or goodness?  The following information provides some references to those who want to understand more about the queen bee larvae (i.e., queen bee placenta) and the manufactured product, Queen Bee Placenta Essence. 

What is queen bee placenta?

Queen bee placenta is a traditional Chinese name for queen bee larvae. The bee larvae are of 3 days old after the eggs being laid by the queen bee and hatched to become the larvae and before being covered by the pupa. The bee larvae ingest a large amount of royal jelly which is the only food for the larvae within these 3 days. So the 3-day old larvae are the placenta of abundant nutrition. The bee larvae are taken out from the surface of the royal jelly within the queen bee placenta. There are about 300 grams of bee larvae could be taken out from 1kilogram of royal jelly. So the queen bee larvae are the precious and highly potent health product. The bodies of the bee larvae are of milky and shiny white color.

Since the queen bee larvae only ingest the royal jelly, so their bodies grow faster and bigger than others. Besides containing the total nutritional ingredients of royal jelly, the queen bee larvae also have many biological enzymes and entomic growth hormones. Hence, the queen bee larvae have multiple health functions to human bodies.  

What are the health benefits and goodness of queen bee larvae?

Taking queen bee larvae as health food has more than 3000 years history in China. The earliest written record of consuming queen bee larvae in China is in a book called Er Ya 《爾雅》(literally meaning ‘Close to Correctness ’ or ‘Close to Official Language’), the earliest thesaurus written in 1200 B.C. in China. The health benefits and medical effects of the queen bee larvae were clearly recorded in a few famous Chinese medicinal or herbal classical works, such as ‘Shennong Ben Cao Jing’ 《神農本草經》( The Devine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic) written in Han Dynasty (about 200 A.D.), ‘Ming Yi Bie Lu’ 《名醫別錄》 (literally meaning ‘Another Record of Famous Medicine’) in Nanbei Dynasty by Tao Jinghong (456 – 536 A.D.), ‘Ben Cao Shi Yi’ 《本草拾遺》(literally meaning ‘Supplements to Herb-Root Classic’ ) in Tang Dynasty by Chen Cangqi(739 A.D.), ‘Ben Cao Gang Mu’ 《本草綱目》(Compendium of Materia Medica) in Ming Dynasty by Li Shizhen (1518 – 1593 A.D.). It was recorded that the first and only female de facto ruler in the Chinese history, Empress Regnant Wu Zetian「武則天」 ((624 – 705 A.D.) in Tang Dynasty, and the Empress dowager Cixi 「慈禧太后」 (1835 – 1908) in Qing Dynasty, took the queen bee larvae for the purposes of keeping young and healthy.

According to the discoveries from the modern scientific researches, the queen bee larvae contain not only most of the nutrients of royal jelly, the bodies of the larvae also have unique proteins, more than 16 types of amino acids, chitin, multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, trace elements and biological hormones. As far as the benefits of the human bodies are concerned, all these substances can enhance immunity, promote metabolism, stimulate cell activities and vitality, improve the functions of the nervous systems and regulate the endocrine system. In addition to these benefits, the queen bee larvae could help to retard aging, revitalize skin, improve ingestion of nutrition, stimulate growth, soothe emotions, strengthen memory, improve dyspepsia and recover body energy.

Enhance Immunity

Within the bodies of the queen bee larvae, one of the major ingredients is royal jelly. The 10-HDA and the R active substances in the royal jelly are the potent natural antibiotics, which can effectively fight against many types of bacteria and viruses usually encountered by the human bodies. Thus, the ingestion of the queen bee larvae essence can help the human body to build up the immunity against the bacteria and viruses. It helps those easily suffering from cold or flu to reduce the frequency of catching cold or flu and to relieve the allergic symptoms of those suffering from chronicle nasal allergies. On the other hand, the multi-vitamins and the potent substances within the queen bee larvae also have the important roles of improving the physical health and immunity. 

Promote Metabolism

There are many factors influencing the metabolism of a human body, such as health status, age, living habits (including diet, rest, physical exercise, emotion management)…etc. The queen bee larvae help the adjustment of the metabolism of the human bodies affected by these factors. In addition to the major ingredients of royal jelly, the larvae bodies contain many types of nutrients, such as the unique proteins, amino acids, trace elements, different kinds of biological enzymes and entomic hormones. All these nutrients are essential for improving and strengthening the metabolic functions of the human organs and skins.  

Invigorate Cell Activities and Vitality

The vitality or the healthy activity status of the cells is one of the measurements of the metabolic effectiveness of a human body. The vigorous cells can bring a healthy physique reflected internally and externally. The multi-nutrients of the bee larvae are the excellent activators of the cells.  

The Queen Bee Larvae

(1)       Are rich in Vitamins A, B-complex, C, D & E. The amount of Vitamin A is just less than fish liver oil, but more than beef and eggs. The amount of Vitamin D is 10 times more than the fish liver oil, thus strengthening the transmission of the bio-signaling molecules inside the cells and preventing the loss and migration of the calcium from the bones. As a result, the density of the bones will be increased and therefore the risk of having osteoporosis will be greatly lessened. Vitamin B-complex has the important role in the metabolism of the cells, providing the nourishments to the cells and helping the purification of the blood of the human bodies.        

(2)          (a)  contain various proteins and amino acids needed by human bodies that help the open-up of the pathway of Tyrosine Protein Kinases, ensuring the normal functioning of one of the intercellular signal transmission processes;

(b)     contain the unsaturated fatty acids that help to open up one of the signal transmission pathways in the cells functioned by phosphatidylinositol,  playing an important role in maintaining the normal physiological function of the central nervous system (CNS), especially in regulating the calcium homeostasis;

(c)     contain ‘rejuvenating hormones’ and ‘decorticating hormones’ stimulate the synthesis of the intracellular messenger, cAMP (cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate, opening up the pathway of adenylate cyclase so as to activate the PKA (Protein Kinase A).

These 3 pathways have the direct effects on the cell membranes of the human bodies. They could strengthen the mobility, permeability and stability of the cell membranes so as to actuate the functions of the human organs.

(3)       Contain taurine which helps the electrolytes to pass through between cells, e.g., holds K and Mn inside the cells and expels Na out of the cells, so as to maintain the homeostasis of the cell membranes.  

Improve the Functions of the Nervous Systems

The queen bee larvae contain the significant amounts of acetylcholine, over 16 types of amino acids, taurine, multi-vitamins, especially Vitamin B-complex, which are essential to the synthesis and metabolism of the glial cells of the nervous systems. 

(1)      Acetylcholine is one of the important transmission substances, i.e., neurotransmitter, for the two major nervous systems of a human body, the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). It has the important role in the stimulation and regulation of these two key nervous systems. One of its functions is to cause excitatory reaction of the CNS, thus helping to improve the memory through the stimulation of the brain.

(2)      Taurine is one of the few known naturally occurring sulfonic acids with the amino group that can cross the blood barrier. It is an essential substance to the functioning and development of the brain. Taurine can speed up the generation of neurons as well as being helpful to the movement of the cells within the brain and the growth of the axons. It has the functions of inhibitory neurotransmission so as to assist in the prevention of epileptic seizures and relief of anxiety. Taurine also helps to maintain the long –term potentiation in the hippocampus/striatum and protect the brain against glutamate excitotoxicity. So taurine is one of the essential substances for the protection of the human brain.

Regulate the Endocrine System

Many types of nutrients in the queen bee larvae provides the female hormone nutrients and active substances needed for those adolescent females with symptom of retardation of growth or the grown females with ovarian insufficiency caused by the lack of female hormones. The bee larvae are one of the top nutritional food which can help to regulate the endocrine system.

The clinical studies have proved that, starting from the age of 35, the ovarian functions of the females start diminishing along with the increase of age. The female hormones begin to drop and, at the age of 45, will drop down to a quarter of the level of the puberty period. At the age of 55, the female hormones become even rare after menopause takes place. In this stage, the ovarian functions start declining until totally disappear. This is mainly because the imbalance of the endocrine system and the female hormones. As a result, the deficiencies of the ANS occur and are termed as the menopausal symptoms. So the maintenance of adequate female hormones is one of the key factors to keep the health, the beauty and the younger physique of the ladies.     

 The queen bee larvae are rich in female nutrients, ‘rejuvenating hormones’ and Vitamin B-complex, which

l   assist in promoting the growth of reproduction organ and the secondary sex characteristics of the girls before or in puberty period suffering from retarded growth so as to maintain the female characteristics;

l   regulate the menstruation disorders and assist in recovering the damages of uterus caused by abortion, through the metabolism of the fat, sugar, protein and bone engaged by the female hormone receptors;

l   help to maintain, if taken in long term, a relatively balance of hormone level, for the ladies approaching, being in or after the menopause period, so that the menopausal symptoms, such as lack of energy, hot flashes, palpitation, irritability, depression…etc, will be alleviated. Menopause will be postponed if taken before the menopause comes.

l   help to treat the old age vaginitis;

l   have the functions of regulation and recovery of the female hormone receptors in the heart, coronary artery, aorta, bone, skin, urinal tract, kidney and liver.,      

If taking the bee larvae in long term, the ovaries will have sufficient nutrition so that the ovaries will be kept at the relatively active status and the phenomenon of ovarian atrophy will be delayed significantly. The symptoms of the lack of energy, menstruation disorders, vaginal dryness and declination of sexual function will be relieved. 

Retard Aging & Rejuvenate Skin

The comprehensive and synergistic functions of the bee larvae as described above make the bee larvae have the functions of anti-aging and rejuvenation of skin. The nutrients of the bee larvae, such as SOD (superoxide dismutase) for cleaning the free radicals within the human body, the antioxidants like taurine, Vitamins A,C & E, and other active factors, make the bee larvae are the ideal health food for anti-aging and rejuvenation of human body.

l   Promote the revitalization of epidermis, making the skin finer, more tender and sheeny    

The bee larvae have the natural female hormones, nervous growth factors (i.e., elements), penetrating factors, moisturizing factors, dispersing factors and pigment-dissolving factors…etc. After the enzymatic reactions of these bio-active factors, these nutrients stimulate the re-growth of the dermas and speed up the revitalization of the epidermis by entering the dermal tissues through the capillary vessels. Through these enzymatic reactions, these nutrients rejuvenate the skin to make the human body look younger with finer, more tender and sheeny skin.      

l   Improve microcirculation, retain the moisture and maintain the elasticity of the skin  

The dryness and the lack of elasticity of the skin are caused by the inefficiency of the microcirculation. After the bio-active factors enter into the dermal tissues of the human body, the microcirculation is significantly improved. It promotes the growth of the fibroblasts and collagen proteins of the skin. Also it strengthens the contraction of the skin pores so as to keep the proper excretion of sweat and the normal skin-breath, thus preventing the loss of moisture and maintaining the elasticity of the skin.  

l   Regulate the endocrine system, fade out the pigments and lessen the pigmentation   

The bio-active factors of the bee larvae have the notable functions on the regulation of the endocrine disorders. These nutrients are similar to the human placenta, containing plenty of the decorticating and growth hormones and bio-active factors, which regulate the endocrine disorders effectively. Part of the results of such regulation of the endocrine disorders is the alleviation of pigmentation and the fading of existing pigments of the skin. The supplementation of these bio-active factors will help to reduce the wrinkles and to retard aging.

There are over 180 types of rare natural nutrients in the bee larvae which nourish the ovaries and the skin effectively, supplying sufficient nutrition to the derma and keeping the epidermis with better surface tension. The wrinkles caused by the loose of the epidermis will be significantly reduced so that a younger look will be restored if the bee larvae are taken in long term.

Promote Growth

The queen bee larvae contain rich proteins, amino acids, Vitamin A, D & B-complex, and trace elements, which significantly promote the metabolism of the children and assist in their growth. The rich nutrition of the bee larvae, which not only provides the direct nutrition of high nutritional values to the children, especially for the under-grown children, also helps the absorption of the nutrition from other food and promotes the healthy development of the children’s brains. For the adults suffering from dyspepsia and abnormally light weight due to body weakness or ailments, taking the bee larvae will help them to improve their health, the digestion of food and absorption of nutrition, and to regain weight.    

Assist in Strengthening the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract

The proteins, amino acids, Vitamin B-complex and the trace elements contained in the queen bee larvae promotes the synthesis and the normal secretion of the gastric juice, activating and normalizing the GI tract. The bee larvae have very good auxiliary treatment functions to the chronicle gastritis and duodenal ulcer.

Who should be cautious or warned of the adverse effects before taking the Queen Bee Placenta Essence?

Some people are allergic to certain kinds of food, such as nuts, dairy products, eggs…etc., and some would have acute allergic reactions against drugs. Although Queen Bee Placenta Essence is a natural food, it has many nutrients to which some people may have allergic reactions. For those who have the records of food or drug allergies should be cautious and advised to seek consultations from the medical professionals before taking Queen Bee Placenta Essence.

Children, especially boys of all ages and girls under the age of 12, with normal nutritional intake and growth are not encouraged to take the Queen Bee Placenta Essence unless allowed by the medical professionals. There may be adverse effects on the metabolism of the children who are in the fast growing period with sufficient nutrients.

The pregnant women are not advised to take Queen Bee Placenta Essence which would have disturbing effects on the immunity, metabolism and endocrine system of the pregnant women. As a result, the growth of the fetus would be affected. So medical advice is needed before taking the Queen Bee Placenta Essence by the pregnant women. During menstruation, girls and ladies should stop taking the Queen Bee Placenta Essence.

People who have the chronic autoimmune diseases, such as SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis), rheumatoid arthritis…etc, should not take Queen Bee Placenta Essence, unless supervised by the medical professionals. The Queen Bee Placenta Essence is a potent health food to promote the immunity of the human bodies. The increase of immunoglobulins and immune compounds in the body due to the intake of Queen Bee Placenta Essence will induce and worsen the autoimmune diseases.

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